Our Story

Patiro is a data-driven patient recruitment company utilizing the best digital tools in the field, including AI, to help clinical trials find the right patients in time. We have a proven track record within a wide range of therapeutic areas, both rare and chronic diseases, to support our recruitment models.

Today, patient recruitment is one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of clinical trials.
Audits from several studies has proven that patient enrollment is one of the most time-consuming aspects of clinical trials. This makes patient recruitment one of the most common bias in missed deadlines – over 80% of clinical trials misses their deadline. The main reason is not enough eligible patients are found in time.

Patiro was founded as a tech startup in Aalborg, Denmark, in 2014 by a mixed group of professionals with skills in data-driven marketing, tech and medicine. After learning that more than 80 % of clinical trials were being delayed due to a lack of awareness, we were shocked, but also enthusiastic, because we were convinced that we could change this.

Our purpose is not only to recruit patients for clinical trials, but also to provide unbiased health care information, which is why we launched "Health Panel" as an awareness and educational site for clinical trials and diseases. Health Panel is now localized and available in 16 countries. Health Panel is a sub-brand of Patiro, and besides providing health-related articles and information about diseases, people with or without chronic diseases can register as a potential study candidate. If a candidates health profile matches one of our ongoing research projects, they have the opportunity to participate in the clinical trial and empower our main objective to improve the treatment and lives of patients worldwide. Today, Health Panel has more than 32,000 active potential study candidates.