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Why choose us as your recruitment partner?

Let us help you reach your goal with our unique recruitment process


Reduce time-to-market

Patiro’s unique enrollment model delivers patients at a fast rate. This ensures that you keep your schedule and successfully complete your objective.

Predictable costs

Patiro charges a specific fee per patient. We only charge for patients who comply with your specified requirements (e.g. inclusion/exclusion criteria).

High data quality

Patiro always double-screens patients, which results in a low rate of data error and a high level of recruitment precision.


We are able to pre-recruit patients before the study is initiated through our prescient strategy. This enables us to deliver patients within Europe to a great amount of therapeutical areas.


Through our affiliate network, we are able to target a large number of potential patients, thus ensuring a high response rate.


Our double screening recruitment strategy is your guarantee of a high retention rate. 

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