Patient Recruitment in Europe and United States of America

We find the right patients

"Patiro is the first company, which is offering a fully transparent recruitment plan, in which AstraZeneca only pays for eligible patients. This ‘no cure – no pay’ solution is our guarantee for keeping the budget and reaching the target on time."
Heidi Egsgaard Frandsen
Lead Clinical Research Associate
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Recruiting within more than 180 diseases – both rare, oncology and common diseases. We possess the capacity and knowledge to meet your specific need.
More than
180 diseases
12 therapeutic areas

Screening – native and double

Our double-screening process makes sure the patients are motivated and involved. We have a team of native medical experts in 16 countries.


Reduce time-to-market. Patiro's unique enrolment model delivers patients at a fast rate. This ensures that you keep your schedule and successfully complete your objective.
Time reduction with Patiro
Regular recruitment


You can quickly get an overview of how the study is progressing. Including site performance, using the Patiro Patient Management.
Patiro’s Patient Management System is always accessible, easy to use and find the specific data you require.


Our data-driven approach and global outreach can quickly provide indications of which geographical areas it makes financial sense to recruit patients from.