Patient Recruitment in Europe and United States of America

Accelerate your clinical trial

"We have worked with 4-5 different patient recruitment companies in the past, and we think Patiro is the most time-efficient, transparent one and they also give us suitable patients to our site."
Ewa Karlsson
CEO and Founder
ProbarE – Research sites in Sweden
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Efficient use of time

Our high-quality data-driven workflow can reduce the recruitment time significantly.
Time reduction with Patiro
Regular recruitment

Overview of the study

You have a real-time overview of how your clinical studies are performing.
Patiro’s Patient Management System is always accessible, easy to use and find the specific data you require.


We have a team of native medical experts in 16 countries. Our prescreening process ensures that only relevant and motivated patients are sent to the sites.


Our data-driven approach and global outreach can quickly provide indications of which geographical areas it makes financial sense to recruit patients from.