What we can do for you


Help accelerate trials

Patiro’s unique pre-recruitment strategy allows us to conduct a pre-selection of potential patients in our database. This enables you to reach your planned target quickly and efficiently.

All therapeutic areas

We offer patient recruitment for all therapeutic areas including chronic diseases, rare diseases and oncology.

Reduce drop-out-rate

Our thorough, double-screen recruitment strategy provides engaged patients, which results in high retention. Previous studies have shown a drop-out rate < 10%, while our fail-respond rate is < 7%.

Increase enrollment

Previous studies performed have shown that Patiro increases patient enrollment with up to 76% (best case) and 28% (worst case). In average, our response enrollment rate is 87%.

Patiro is GDPR compliant.

What makes us unique

Our recruitment strategy

We use a different approach to patient recruitment, and we have devised a strategy that enables us to help our clients achieve their required goals quickly and thoroughly with motivated patients.

Our affiliate network

We use our affiliate network to its full potential as part of our recruitment strategy. This allows us to maximize our targeted marketing and to adjust it to each project, making us able to find the right patients.

Our market expertise

Innovation is important, but experience and industry-awareness is essential. With more than 15 years of experience and qualified health professionals at our disposal, we have developed a solid foundation.

Our patient contact

The reason we are able to produce such a low drop-out-rate is due to our patient interaction. We know our patients, and we use different approaches to ensure that they are motivated to participate in a trial.

Let’s Work Together

We are open to taking on larger as well as smaller projects, so do not hesitate to get in touch. Each project is of equal importance.