To recruit people with head & neck cancer in Europe and United States - and making sure patients are retained in the trial for the whole duration of the study.



Building a concept that communicates directly to the patient, but also the patient's family and friends. Cancer is a disease that is affecting everyone around the patients, which is why it is important to include everyone in the loop. The deep outreach, combining all digital tools in our toolbox, advocacy groups and head and neck ambassadors we are making sure we are present everywhere the people needs us.

ʻOhana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.



Digital universe

The digital universe will be the center stage for everything a patient or the patient's family and friends needs in order to learn all about the study.

Health Panel

Health Panel is an online media platform that is used to create awareness around clinical trials globally, but with a local presence and local brand names for different languages and countries.

Patient groups

Around 100 patients' groups within the study countries, which will be included in the outreach to patient groups.


Digital Universe

The Digital Universe is a one-stop hub for everything related to the study. Stories from other families, information about the study, insights and details about the disease.