We are committed to improving clinical trials

The competition between recruitment companies, who are searching for eligible patients for clinical trials, is expanding rapidly. All of our colleagues in the business of patient recruitment are in a constant competition of making an outreach to different patient profiles on a global scale.

Audits from several studies has proven that patient enrollment is one of the most time-consuming aspects of clinical trials. This makes patient recruitment one of the most common bias in missed deadlines – over 30% of missed trial deadlines are caused by failures in this area.

Technology is rapidly changing. We now have new media channels, such as social networks and affiliate platforms, which are changing the way information is distributed. Therefore, it is time to think intelligently to reduce the time to market and optimise the return on investment related to patient recruitment.

Our vision

We envision a world without disease. We realise that this is quite ambitious, and that we cannot do it alone, so we ask ourselves: “how can we contribute to this?” – and the answer is our mission.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve health care by connecting researchers and patients. We work together with researchers and patients to improve research and thus improve health care options. Every new treatment, cure and study that helps improve health is a step towards a world without disease. This is what we work for, and we passionately believe that we can and should help improve the world through our work.


Patiro partly works through a humanitarian business model. For each successfully recruited patient, we donate some of our earnings to relevant patient organisations. We are well aware about the fact that we could never achieve our goal about improving health throughout the world without the participation of patients in clinical trials. Therefore, it is essential for the existence of Patiro that we generate an income for the patient organisations and thereby combine our forces in improving health through research.

Let’s Work Together

We are open to taking on larger as well as smaller projects, so do not hesitate to get in touch. Each project is of equal importance.